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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 29, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> a style races through two homes in the berkeley hills. some neighbors are forced to evacua evacuate. firefighters still on scene. >> plus while the district attorney says the woman accused of throwing her toddler out a window will face lesser charges. that is sfo off in the distance. this is "today in the bay." good morning, thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> meteorologist christina loren here to tell us about a warm flow this morning. >> it's mild out there this morning. hard to believe last week of december. 51 in san mateo.
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51 in san francisco. you're very close to 50 in santa rosa and san jose. as we head through the morning hours, we'll lose a little bit of warmth, but not much. and we have fog out there. so give yourself plenty of time. let's find out how your drive is shaping up with mike inouye. >> little bit better. a little bit clearer. good morning, folks. 101 past the embarcadero. the fog advisory for the san mateo bridge back in use. it's a ruling many cities around california have been waiting for. the state supreme court issuing whether they can take $2 billion in redevelopment funds from cities to pay off the state bill. bob redell joins us live in san jose with more on how this will
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affect san jose and other cities, bob, good morning. they would see little, if any improvement. $1.7 billion roughly this year. $400 million in following years to close california's massive budget deficit. the state has argued before the supreme court that since the legislature created the agencies i can also impose new financial requirements on them as well. they argue this bans it on 22. they do generate $2 billion a year in the local economy. that's an estimate. san jose's redevelopment agency said it will shut down instead of diverting money back.
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the state supreme court expected to post the ruling online at 10:00 a.m. this morning. a 23-year-old san francisco driver will be arraigned today in a fatal hit and run that prosecutors say happened while the man was talking on his cell phone. this accident happened saturday morni morning, just west of 101. police say juan martinez drove to the center median and hit a man. he faces hit and run resulting in death. he was arrested that day. walnut creek police in the process of looking for more victims in a child molestation investigation involving a school janitor. john esther was arrested on ten counts of felon sex crimes. he's accused of assaulting a 14-year-old boy at az home and another boy ten years ago. neither victims were students
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for the list of schools he works out in the diablo, school district. police arrested two men accused of a four-month long robbery spree. 27-year-old darrell doug and 32-year-old matthew howard will appear in court january 18th. the pair would identify potential victims and follow them home before robbing them at gunpoint. they robbed 20 people from oakland and fremont before they were caught. police say they targeted older asian victims who were wearing gold jewelry as they shopped. a san jose mom is due in court accused of an unimaginable crime on christmas. the 24-year-old cortez initially faced several charges for tossing her 22-month-old son out of a second story window. now she'll face child abuse charges, not attempted murder. she barricaded herself and the boy in a bathroom, then dropped
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him out of a window before jumping herself. the toddler did survived and cortez suffered broken bones but she should be well enough to appear in court today. downed power lines, narrow streets and dry conditions made battling a brush fire difficult for firefighters in the berkeley hills last night. this morning firefighters are still on the scene. christie smith is live with the latest on the fire that damaged two multimillion dollar homes. you said you can smell the smoke in the air this morning. >> reporter: you still can. the damage is bad. not only to this home, but another one behind it. it's hard to see because of the trees and the bushes are so thick out of here this morning. but i can tell you that as you said, firefighters are still on scene trying to make sure that the property is secure and the there are no flare-ups overnight. really scary for people who live up here. it's a three-alarm fire. it started 8:30 last night.
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15 homes e vacuatevacuated. the fire burned a power line that fell on a fire truck. four firefighters were injured. two for heat exhaustion. two suffered sprains. neighbors are back in their home this is morning. investigators should be out here looking for a cause at daybreak. jon and marla, back to you. >> thank you. >> it's 5:06 now. an unexpected knock at the door from law enforcement netted dozens of arrests during a police sweep in the east bay. at least 52 people were led away this handcuffs other warrants linked to drunk driving conditions. the all day sweep targets people who failed to serve terms of their sentences. they searched for 550 suspects at their home and workplace. at this point the total number of arrests could be on the rise. it's 5:06. local transit agencies are trying to make sure you have fun while staying safe. bart is extending its service to
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3:00 a.m. ac transit buss will run on a regular saturday schedule. vta buses and light rail trains until 4:00 a.m. on sunday. all rides will be free at 7:00 p.m. muni buses, light rail and cable cars will have extended service until 6:00 a.m. muni will wave fares between 8:00 p.m. on saturday and 6:00 a.m. on sunday. >> good information to have. it's 5:07 right now. what's happening outside? >> we're looking good this morning. it's mild to start. 50 degrees in san mateo. as we head throughout the day because we're starting out so nice and mild. as we head throughout the morning hours we will drop off ha little bit more.
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running nine degrees warmer than yesterday in santa rosa. it's been bitter cold up there. that's the good news. low pressure will ride to the north over the next 48 hours. stronger onshore flow means thick pockets of fog this morning. that's what we're monitoring for you. that fog will drift south. last what's happening now. you went from a quarter mile to half a mile. now you're down to a quarter mile in so the fog will be the thickest at the coast and through your inland valleys. livermore and concord, we'll see the fog creep through the delta. as we head through the morning, san jose won't see that much until the mid-morning. once we get through the low cloud cover today looks really comfortable. 62 degrees in los gatos. just about as warm as it was yesterday. i have the rain in the forecast for tomorrow. 5:08. mike has problems in the south
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bay. >> we do. we just got word of an accident it sounds like the light rail system is on time. we have word of a 40-foot motor coach that crashed into a semitruck and there was major damage. we have more word coming in. we have calls there. this is the vicinity at 7th. that's on 7th between alma and tulley road. it's not a major commute spot. we're having bob redell out there. we'll have word on injuries as soon as he gets back to us. meanwhile the roadways through the area seem okay. avoid 7th for the time being. we'll bring you more information on the crash coming up, guys. >> mike, thank you very much. the crowds at oracle arena are throwing support mind a hometown player, even though he's not playing for the home team. palo alto high graduate and former warrior jeremy lynn took the court. . got nice cheer from the crowd.
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we were waved off by the knicks. the warriors had to cut lynn as try of a bid to try to land deandre jones. last night the warriors beat the knicks 92-78. jordan went to the clippers instead. >> 5:10 right now. marine researchers say more than 200 marine mammals are meeting on schools of fish in the san francisco bay. quite a change from the past six decades where industrialization and water pollution kept them away. "the new york times" were caught making major mistakes and lying about it. >> the plan to bring a popular pet store to one south bay neighborhood is not sitting well with everyone. a little warmer today. golden gate bridge. it's 5:10. we'll keep you posted on weather
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and traffic coming up. and for the latest, news, traffic and weather, find us on facebook
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pretty nicely. it's 5:13. >> we know the saying, neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night will stop the mail from being delivered, but a blizzard is a different story. still a postmaster in western kansas. remember the days of the old pony express? becky works in kendall, kansas.
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becky mounted a horse. the horse's name is macho and made sure the 60 or so residents got their mail. sadly they are slated for foreclosure as they look to save money by downsizing. >> going old school. i like that. 5:14 right now. meteorologist christina loren is back to tell us about the weather. >> it's still mild out there. you may have had to turn off the heater last night, good news for your pg&e bill. i think the most important piece of information i can bring to you is this, we have a different pattern setting up all together towards the end of next week. the jet stream finally takes a dip. so we're looking more active. it looks like we'll make a lot of that up. so that's what we're monitoring now. when you're monitoring something this far out that looks this
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good, our chances are going to go ahead and keep those in the mix. we're looking good for showers next week. the jet stream has been way to the north. 47 in hayward. 46 in san jose. so we're running warmer across the board. more so than yesterday. pretty good amount of cloud cover overhead. the sun starts to come up. stronger onshore flow means more fog. we could see coastal drizzle. visibilities are dropping off. you have a quarter mile in san mateo. two and a half miles in concord. we expect livermore to fall. san jose and oakland, you'll drop off in the mid-morning hours. as we head throughout the afternoon, warming up nicely. 62 in los gatos.
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rain arrives tomorrow. it will be very, very light. however, it is looking widespread. so everybody will get a little something out of this. go ahead and wash the car. not enough rain to clean off the vehicle. a lot of that matter will settle on your windshield. we're looking good as we ring in the new year. 58 on sunday. let's check your drive with mike. >> we'll give you an update. we have a few more details. but this is the accident reported from the vta system. it sounds like a 40-foot motor coach. but it does sound like the intersection is blocked between the bus and a big rig. other details coming in, it sounds like we have yet to confirm full details. it sounds like there weren't a lot of peassengers. just the driver of the bus affected with no major injuries. the rest of the south bay is fine as far as the roads go.
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and the light rail system is looking all right as well. now a nice easy drive to the bay bridge with a fog advisory. all the bay bridges have the fog advisory. an easy drive right now. a light volume of traffic in both directions southbound tw the headlights. this bridge does not have an advisory. that is an issue in the north bay as well. the countdown is on during the final stretch of 2011. for more on that and the rest of the news before the bell, we turn to jackie deangeles live at cnbc world headquarters. >> good morning, jon. the futures are higher after the markets sold off yesterday. there was an initial positive reaction to the italian bond auction. that faded as the your oeuro st
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to drop on continued worries about europe's debt crisis. a separate auction of longer term italian debt has failed to move the needle in terms of the markets. asian markets fell overnight. europe flat. we'll get data in the u.s. on unemployment, manufacturing and pending home sales. we saw the dow drop to close at 12,451. the nasdaq closing at 2589. peanuts no longer costing peanuts. prices have tripled due to scorching heat and drought conditions. production is set to be 12% lower, pushing global peanut inventories to a 14-year low. and the new york times is a bit in the red. the paper thought it was sending out a few hundred e-mails offering them e-mails to consider canceling their
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subscription. the times first claiming it wasn't from them, it was spam. a few hours later the paper admitted it was a human error by someone at the paper. that's it at cnbc. back to you. >> about 5:19. one southbay's community is on the fence about petco's plans to open an unleashed boutique store in willow again glen, on lincoln avenue. it will take over a 3700 square foot lot formally occupied by blockbuster. the unleased stores are smaller than a typical petco store. some south bay pet owners don't think it's going to be a good fit. >> i think it would only be about saiing money. it doesn't fit in with.
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>> the time is 5:19. a local paper changes owner ship. we'll have the details coming your way next. [ mom ] hey guys. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy. [ younger brother ] oh, do you want it? yeah. ok, we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light... ...buttery and flaky... this is half. that is not half. guys i have more. [ female announcer ] do you have enough crescents?
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welcome back, everybody. we give you a mildly foggy look. not a lot of traffic this early on a thursday morning. one of biggest newspapers in the north bay is getting a new owner. it was sold on tuesday to a florida-based media group. the $143 million deal includes the north bay business jushl and 1 other papers.
5:23 am
the new york time says it unloaded the regional papers to focus more on digital media. if you're into history, you could soon own a piece of the titanic. april marked the 100th anniversary of the world's largest ship wreck. it includes fine china, fittings and portions of the hall where they combine $189 million. better have deep pockets for this auction. that's april 1st in new york city. turning to business news, scott mcgrew is back. he says a few big companies hit their own i-stores this year. >> good morning. we talk about the worst of 2011, three companies come to mind. two are based in the bay area. first is netflix. that company's stock started the year at more than $300 a share. it's now around $60 a share.
5:24 am
the other is research in motion. if that company doesn't fire the two ceos soon, i will be shocked. many people have chosen to sell the stock before the end of the year for tax purposes. there are only two trading days left in 2011. san francisco based gap joins netflix on the worst customer service. an analystics company made the list. amazon is at the top. the study surveyed 8500 online shoppers. and new this morning, it looks like jack may once again try to buy yahoo!. the head has talked about buying yahoo! before. now the wall street journal reports he's hired a washington lobbying group in order to smooth the way with the federal government. right now yahoo! owns a big piece of alibaba. but it's a chinese company, and
5:25 am
that scares regulators who worry about a chinese company owning yahoo!'s e-mail and news services that serve america. >> great information. thank you very much. still ahead on "today in the bay", a new warning for people in a normally safe bay area neighborhood. plus occupy oakland once again without a camp this morning. we'll have details coming up. and did you notice a difference yesterday? not as much haze suspended in @ atmosphere. we're back in the good air quality range. >> and we continue to follow the major accident in san jose involving a bta bus. bob redell just arrived o the scene. we'll have an update coming up. here's a live look at the toll plaza. a few kmooters making their way in early in the morning. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] help i need a holiday party idea.
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live with breaking news in san jose where a vta bus has been destroyed in a collision with a semi. this story is coming up. new this morning, fire races through two homes in the berkeley hills. neighbors have to get out. firefighters are still on scene this morning. i'm christie smith. i'll have the story coming up. also police need your help finding the woman involved in a hit and run accident. >> and we give you a live look outside at the lovely golden gate bridge. you can't see the majestic look because it's dark. but it's thursday, december 29th, "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks for being with us. it's about 5:30 on this thursday. i'm marla tellez in for laurs ra
5:29 am
garcia-cann garcia-cannon. >> good morning. we check back with christina loren to tell us about a nice start to a beautiful day. it's friday eve. that always makes things prettier. this is your last couple of days off during the workweek. we're going to see really nice weather if you want to get outside and you do have the day off. 50 in san mateo. 51 in san francisco. starting so mild we'll easily hit the 60s. we have thick fog drifting around. mike inouye is following a serious crash in the south bay this morning. >> that's right, christina. it sounds like it's not fog related. the freeways overall are just fine. we'll zoom in on the accident we've been following. early word of a bus that crashed into a big rig. we saw bob's picture at the top of the hour. you're out there. you're arrived on scene.
5:30 am
what's the latest? that looks horrible behind you. >> it does. and police are saying thank goodness no passengers are on board. it was early in the morning. just a little bit after 4:00 when the bus collided with the semitrailer from a local recycling company. it's not clear who was at fault. you can see the collision destroyed the bus here. the driver of the semi is okay. the driver of the vta bus was taken to the hospital but is also kpped to be okay. there were no passengers or paying customers on board right now you can see the tow truck that just arrived on the scene. that gives you a good sense of how much progress they're making. it's closed at this location now until the tow truck is able to clean up the mess. reporting live. i'm bob redell. marla? >> thank you very much.
5:31 am
5:30 now. fire crews are still on scene after a brush fire badly damages two multimillion dollar homes. this happened in a heavily wooded neighborhood on miller avenue near grizzly peak boulevard. christie smith is live now with more on the fire. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla. these are some really beautiful homed that burned tucked away in the trees. this one behind me. then another one is right behind it. it's hard to see because of the trees here. this morning firefighters are still here. they're making sure that the property is secure it was around 8:30 when the first call came in that a home was on fire. one of the homes was occupied at the time. fortunately no one was hurt there. neighbors had to get out quickly. not just because of the fire,
5:32 am
because it was so dry up here. there hasn't been any rain. four firefighters were hurt. two suffered heat exhaustion. two of them had sprains. investigators should be out here this morning by 8:30. still no word on a cause. jon and marla, back to you. >> everyone is okay. that's the best news you could report. it is 5:32 right now. east bay police looking for a driver who hit a pedestrian fleeing officers. the street crimes unit tried to stop them at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. he took off in a white suv striking a pedestrian on a sidewalk during the getaway. the suv was later found abandoned in oakland last night. police now are still looking for the woman. oakland police looking for a man who rammed a san francisco police car trying to escape officers. it all happened last night.
5:33 am
plain clothed officers for the sfpd got a tip an assault suspect was in oakland in some of the neighborhoods there. when the man spotted the cops he rammed his car into there ch then he sped off. no officers were hurt in the incident. police at half-moon pay are looking for the person who assaulted a woman walking on a local trail. the woman says she was pushing her 2-year-old son in a stroller when she heard footsteps and was shoved the to ground. the attacker fell down as well. neither the woman more nor the child were hurt. the state supreme court set to make a very important ruling about redevelopment money. the court will decide if the state can tame $1.7 billion from city to close the state budget gap. redevelopment agencies have
5:34 am
filed suit, claiming the move violates proposition 22. that's a measure designed to keep the state from using local funds to pay off the bills. state lawmaker argues the legislature has final say on funding. the decision expected this morning. you can tune in at 11:00 a.m. for the ruling. oakland police are keeping an eye on a vacant lot this morning. trying to make sure occupy protesters do not reoccupy the site. one man was arrested. 14 others were cited for trespassing. the owner complained to police about the camping until they moved in. no one was hurt in the raid. >> if you happen to open up the window and step out the door, you're not imagining things. yeah, it is nice. >> it certainly is.
5:35 am
it makes doing anything outdoors much easier. 49 this morning. good morning to you in santa rosa. you have so much cloud cover overhead. we do have fog settling in. it's starting to drift along the peninsula. 49 in santa rosa this morning. headed to comfortable conditions by noon. we'll hit the mid-50s and round out the day with the 60s. let me talk about what's happening. the jet stream will dip over the bay area through your friday. that will usher in a little bit of light rain. more importantly it will pick up the winds. and we need the wind to mix up the atmosphere. it's the stagnant air mass that keeps all the matter just suspended. for today looking good for the greater bay area. moderate quality through the north bay and south bay. tomorrow, good air quality everywhere with a jet over head. and yesterday we were reporting
5:36 am
we might have the spare the air on the first day of the year. not the case. we'll see the winds pick up enough to we do not have to spare the air. my gift to you. mother nature's gift to you. i'll take her credit any day. 61 in gilroy. illinois take you through the extended forecast. tell you when the rain will arrive coming up now. mike has a serious issue. >> we're still following a major accident. a vta bus mangled against the side of a semitruck. fortunately the only issue is the damage right now. there was an injury to the driver, but it was out of servi service. of course, we hope that driver is okay. the rest of the freeway sf moving nicely. no major problem as a lighter volume continues for this weak and probably into monday foggy
5:37 am
bridges is the story this morning. looking at fog advisories. let's look at oakland. past the coliseum the traffic is clearly visible. either direction. northbound. these taillights. a look at the bay bridge toll plaz plaza. >> fog lights have their work cut out for them today. >> days left for the gop presidential hopefuls. >> how a couple bay area cities will crack down on law brakeer this is new year's eve. >> and terrell owens asking the 49ers to give them a chance. is the team listening? we'll have the answer coming up.
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welcome back. yes, it's a foggy morning. that's the golden gate bridge tucked behind the fog. hopefully you can see them a little bit later. the government will pay almost $18 million to the family that lost four members when a fighter jet crashed into their san diego home in 2008. the ruling coming three years to the day that he buried the wife and two daughters. mechanical failure along with bad decision making caused the crash. he does not harbor ill will. they disciplined 1 nebraska members for the errors. >> federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused
5:41 am
an aborted takeoffer. southwest mechanics also checked out the planes. the airline says the plane will not return to service nb the problem is inpointed. this morning the republican presidential race is in flux in iowa. the newest candidate to suddenly become a player, rick santorum. brian mooar is with us this morning. good morning, marla. all the volatility is telling us social conservatives are still shopping around here. you can see mitt romney has jumped out to 25%. just ahead of ron paul at 22%, who is the leader.
5:42 am
rick santorum at 16%. he's jumped in the past couple of days alone. that could put him as high as 20%. romney as well as 21%. you can imagine a quick size mik shift here in iowa could put santorum as an upset winner. santorum and paul and the others, michele bachmann included are canceling each other out among the social conservatives. >> brian, what is new hampshire looking like? >> new hampshire is looking like romney all the way. he has a commanding lead there. 44% compared to ron paul's 17%. romney is looking like he's
5:43 am
going to take new hampshire. that's 12 days away. a lot could happen there. then we're onto south carolina. not looking good for him either. if the social conservatives could not get behind one candidate, romney could sweep sfwlchlt that could prove beneficial for him. brian mooar, thank you. >> kcomedy is a tough gig. that's not stopping a former senator from trying out his new material on an audience. >> i tell a joke. it becomes a long. congress passes a law, it turns out to be a joke. >> sounds like a friendly audience. that's arlen inspector performing in philadelphia. the governor of pennsylvania, ed
5:44 am
rendell. he left in january after more than three decades in politics. >> 5:43. we have word of more delays at sfo because of the low ceilings. good morning to you. we want to report the fog. all along the coastline this morning. we're starting to lose visible. let's talk about where the fog is the thickest. you can see for ten miles there, a quarter of a mile in san francisco. that dropped off over the past 15 minutes. we had six miles of visibility, boom, just like that. you can walk out your front door to a completely clear sky. take it easy out there. kids are still off this week.
5:45 am
you done have to drive with your little ones in the conditions. you're used to the fog up there. i think that fog will drift down from the south bay through the mid-morning hours. limited sunshine for the new year. we'll be able to climb into the 60s. the onshore flow has strengthened. that will generate coastal storms as well. i don't think the fog will clear until at least noon today. we have 61 in livermore as well. this is the second driest december ever in san jose. the third driest ever in san francisco.
5:46 am
we start with 580 at livermore valley. you're talking about the fog creeping through later on. right now a 14-minute travel time onto livermore. a nice smooth drive with no incidents for 580 through castro valley. closer to the water, there may be some fog drifting off the bridge. still at 64. look at that. that's a nice flow of traffic through bay point and pith burg. and you're talking concord as well. visibility could be an issue. there we have fog advisories issued by chp across the bridge here. that's 680. and the carquinez bridge. you will want to slow because of visibility. a quick look at the bridge and we'll see how things are shaping
5:47 am
up. you clearly see these folks heading westbound. then the fog is drifting through. no delays along the peninsula. a 15-year-old girl remains in the hospital after she was not in the leg through the western addition neighborhood. the wound is not life threatening. investigators are looking at surveillance video from the neighborhood, hoping they can tif the shooter. so far there are no suspects. >> 5:47. police in two peninsula cities want to remind people that celebrating new year's should not include firing guns. police plan to use shop spotters, that's the technology to locate gunfire. a special police unit will also patrol paths to problem areas.
5:48 am
police will launch operation silent night trying to crack down on gunfire. anybody caught and convicted of shooting guns in the air can face three years in prison. common sense is hard to come by sometimes. a rose bowl football player is being called a hero this morning. he saved a choking man last night. the father of a fellow player began choking on his steak. he performed the heimlich maneuver and the man coughed it up. they were there for the traditional beef bowl. that's a dinner for rose bowl players before the game. oregon will play wisconsin in the rose bowl on monday. >> chew your meat. >> must have been hungry. now before the game. don't forget about the rose parade. our coverage starts at 8:00 in
5:49 am
the morning. now a familiar but controversial wide receiver says he's ready to step in. terrell oe wens is looking for a team to play for. he tweeted whiter in saying let him know i'm ready if they need me. i'm ready to take them deep. he's still recovering are from knee surgery. speculation is the nineers will not go outside the team for a new wide receiver. they're choosing from inside the team. he looks like he's in good shape. i don't know if anybody is ready to take on the baggage that comes with it. let's move on. >> we're hearing cheers and screams. you like that, huh? coming up, a killer whale and a group of sharks caught on tape. we'll show it to you next. plus out with the old, in with the new. and two days left in the
5:50 am
trading year. ks cantho wir ou yksstoc can dot coming up [ mom ] hey guys.
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welcome back now. the south pacific nation of somoa will not have a december 30th this year. tomorrow will be december 31st. the company's government decided to shift west of the international date line rather than east of it. that's a line that runs through the pacific ocean and decides where a new date begins. they will be on the same calendar as trading partners in the region. anyone in the country who works tomorrow will be paid for it. even though the country is skipping through december 31st.
5:53 am
this sounds like a big paperview event. a battle between a killer whale and a shark caught on tape off the coast of new zealand. it's believed the killer whale attacking a group of sharks on a popular beach. the battle only lasted a couple minutes. but it was worst the price of admission. who won the battle? the whale appears to have gotten away, but one of the sharks ended up on a beach. >> 5:5 #. a restaurant owner in virginia is giving away his business for an unbelievable price. the owner says he's spending the too much time with his other krning business and wants to unload his bagel shop, so he's going to hold a contest. interested parties have to write a 300-word essay on why they would be the perfect owner and pay a $100 drink fee. in case you're wondering, they're debt free and grosses $150,000 a year.
5:54 am
stanford is home to the largest apple collection in the world. we're not talking fruit. we're talking tech. stanford is home to a treasure-trove of items that chronicles apple's history here in silicon valley. most of the items were donated by apple in 1997. the collection takes up more than 600 feet of space and includes photos, computer blueprints, software and fm records. scott mcgrew always delivers big. he has peculiar pictures for us. let's start with mark zuckerberg ena water buffalo. this snapped by a photographer at the associated press. the head of facebook riding a buffalo this vacation at vietnam. they are banned in vietnam. it's not entirely correct. some have facebook profiles. the other is a fellow extending his middle finger says google kicked him off.
5:55 am
he says it's an obscene gesture and violates the user agreement. this sparked a debate about how much of your personal image is yours, and how much belongs to corporate america. it's the second to last day of trading for 2011. the last few days after they tend to see gains. lots of people sell and get rid of stocks and take a tax vangs on it. we got word out of italy they were able to sell debt for less than 7%. a very boring subject. but it shows us things are getting better in europe. that's a good sign. as 2011 comes to a close. many americans are getting rid of things that did not work out for them the past year. a number of people turned out yesterday to celebrate good riddance day. when they say good-bye to
5:56 am
relationships that went sour. i don't have any of those. yeah, right. bad vacation experiences are or unemployment. one says taking a sledge hammer to her bad mearmories made her feel better. so i brought it here. said good riddance to it. >> there she goes. paper shredders and dumpsters available. >> to help your cleanse your soul, i'm going to head to ace hardware and get you a sledge hammer. 5:56. police have nabbed jewel thieves thieves. >> plus cleaning house. the a's continue their selloff the. the latest players to leave town. >> and good riddance to bad air quality because of onshore flow.
5:57 am
but dangerous fog out there. we'll show you where it's the thickest in the full weather forecast. >> and we're following police activity, which will affect a major intersection in san jose. ville the latest along with a live report coming up. now a live look at 880 in oakland. ♪ when life gets busy... there are days where you want to give your immune system some support. try airborne. each serving contains 14 vitamins, minerals and herbs including zinc, echinacea, ginger, and a blast of vitamin c. it's the easy, great-tasting way to help support your immune system. try airborne. in fast-acting effervescent formula, and new super-convenient chewable tablets!
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is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur?] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that c help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ new this morning, we are following breaking news where san jose police are involved in a standoff. we'll bring you a live report. >> a very scary night in berkeley after not kwun, but two homes catch fire. neighbors evacuate. i'm christie smith. coming up, you'll hear from one man who saw it. >> and we give you a live picture of ond


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